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Janine Bresnick

Janine Bresnick, Independent Mediator

A qualified mediator trained at the London School of Mediation, Janine Bresnick is also an experienced scientist with excellent analytical and inter-personal skills who combines a forensic mind with a real interest in problem solving.

During her career in the scientific field, Janine has been employed by Cancer Research UK, Merck Schering Plough and GlaxoSmithkline PLC.

She worked productively, both on independent projects and multi-disciplinary research projects, some of which included international collaborations.  To this strong academic and practical background Janine offers mediation skills in dispute and conflict resolution.

Because mediation is an extra-judicial process, she is able to use her analytical mind to cut through any legal wrangles and drill down to the underlying reasons for the dispute.  Janine’s ability to work well with diverse groups of people with differing views is recognised to add to the success of the mediation day.

She is a good listener and has the ability to draw out common goals and objectives to achieve positive results.

In short, Janine Bresnick is that rare combination – a scientist with a flair for artistic investigation, creativity and patience all of which are essential for successful mediation work.

She stands ready to assist across the United Kingdom and abroad.  Typically her availability is good at around fourteen days notice.

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argument is an exchange of ignorance.